Life is a beautiful thing, filled with so many exciting events. It's easy to get caught in the moment (in fact, I think you should) so while you are soaking it in now, I will create gorgeous images that transport you back to these moments of complete happiness and excitement. From beaming brides to baby bumps, everything is worth celebrating and remembering. Let's cue the confetti and get started!

life is meant to celebrate

I'm Lauren, a mama, wife and photographer in fort worth, texas.

hey, you!

I have always loved being behind the camera and capturing all of life's little moments and details. I remember back in the early 2000's going through one after another disposable camera, obsessed with snapping memories with my friends from middle school all the way through senior year of high school. Each time I dropped my camera film off to be developed, I couldn't wait to get my photos back to immediately preserve in my colorful, sticker-covered scrapbook pages. While my equipment has certainly changed, my passion for capturing people and places that mean the most to me have not.

I aim to create beautiful images that are above all else natural and authentic to each individual client. There's nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable or looking forced in photos and I make it my mission to put you at ease so you feel free to let your true personality shine! I shoot in natural light as much as possible and find that golden afternoon light is pure magic.